Equipment and Accessories - Hydraulic Rigs Series

ModelMax. DiameterMax. DepthMax. TorqueEngineWeight
HR 420-800
10 ft131 - 328 ft303,786 - 567,000 ftlbsCAT C15 297,700 lbs
HR 300-570
8 ft131 - 263 ft228,650 - 421,150 ftlbsCAT C15 209,380 lbs
HR 260
8.5 ft131 - 263 ft192,000 ftlbsCAT C13 165,000 lbs
HR 180
5.3 ft98 - 197 ft168,500 ftlbsCAT C9 132,500 lbs
HR 130
5.3 ft98 - 157 ft122,961 ftlbsCAT C7 72,750 lbs
HR 120
4.3 ft114 - 131 ft88,500 ftlbsCAT C6.6 62,000 lbs
HR 40
3 ft78.7 - 85.3* ft33,190 ftlbsDEUTZ TCD 3.6 L0440,320 lbs
* = on request

The HR line is completely manufactured  by MAIT.  MAIT uses only the best suppliers, such as Caterpillar Engines, and Rex Roth hydraulic pumps.  The HR series are multi-purpose machines that can be equipped with different kits in order to perform different working methods, including drilling with Kelly Bars, Continuous Flight Auger, Diaphragm Walls, Pile Driving, Hydraulic hammers, Low Headroom Clearance, and Down the Hole Hammer.  Being able to transform your rig into different machines, adds value to your investment and allows you to diversify the services your Company has to offer.

The larger models of the HR line (HR 180, HR 260, HR 300-570, and HR 800) are able to apply two different systems for traditional drilled shafts by kelly bar system:

Pulldown Cylinder (CP):  The HR line comes standard for all models in this version.  The drilling rig is equipped with a pulldown cylinder which exerts it's force on the drilling tool.

Pulldown Winch (THD):  The HR 180, HR 260, HR 300, & HR 800 can also be equipped (optionally) with a pulldown winch system.  This third winch positions the rotary higher up on the mast, giving you a larger stroke, and allowing you to insert longer casing tube sections.



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